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Security Awareness Training Redefined

Meet Lora, our training platform's personified AI.
Lora delivers targeted micro-training experiences straight to your staff's inbox based on their individual risk profiles.

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Meet Lora Our AI Cyber Coach

Analytics &

Comprehensive breach risk analytics, down to the Individual user


Phishing simulations based on real-world threats
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Security Awarness Training

Micro-training educational content to engage your users and increase security awareness
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Increase security awareness with Lora, your personal cybersecurity coach!

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Phishfirewall Analytics

Breach Risk Analysis

Accurately track your potential phishing breach risk reduction over time.

Measuring Human Risk

Measure what matters with our easy-to-use reports. Filter, export, and drill down on data in just a few clicks.

Track Risky Users

With our user report cards you can monitor each individual's profile and identify your riskiest users.

Department & Location Analytics

See how each of your organizational units and locations are performing at a glance.
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Learn how you can protect your business with Social Engineering.
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As a training, I love the services you provide. It makes my job a lot easier.

Kenyetta Lewis
HR Training Specialist, Huntsville Utilities

Within one day of signing up we were getting phishing simulations and Trainings

Barry Cox
President, The Cox Group
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