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Let even your least technical executives see your organization in a whole new light. With in-depth analytics on every location, department, and user.
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Real-Time Insights into User Behavior

PhishFirewall's advanced analytics platform delivers real-time insights into user behavior, enabling ALL C-suite executives to make informed decisions that enhance your organization's security. Key features include:

Continuous monitoring of phishing click rates, engagement rates, and susceptibility by phish type.
Immediate identification of high-risk users and targeted education to reduce the risk of a security breach.
Customizable alerts and thresholds to proactively address potential issues.
PhishFirewall Analytics: An image showing how High, Medium, and Low risk Users are displayed.

Automated Reports and Customizable Dashboards

Our platform offers automated reports and dashboards that are available 24/7, helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's security culture. Key features include:

Easy-to-use reports that can be filtered, exported, and drilled down on to focus in on specific areas or departments.
Dynamic dashboards displaying key security metrics, such as phish click rate and departmental risk.
24/7 access to real-time data, ensuring you're always informed about your organization's security posture.
PhishFirewall Analytics: An image showing the Security Awareness grade, and how many interacts a user had had.

Pinpoint and Mitigate High-Risk Users

PhishFirewall's platform efficiently identifies high-risk users within your organization and offers targeted education to mitigate the risk they pose. Key features include:

Individualized risk assessment based on clicks, engagement, and user behavior patterns.
A full report of phishing simulations and all education materials sent to any user.
Tracking of individual user progress over time, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your security awareness training.
PhishFirewall Analytics: An image showing the phishing suceptibility in the marketing department.

Scalability and Performance

Our analytics platform is designed to support a large number of users while maintaining optimal performance and responsiveness, ensuring that you always have the insights you need at your fingertips. Key features include:

Dynamically scales to various organizational structures, and user groups.
Robust performance and responsiveness under both normal and peak loads.
Seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure with our API.
PhishFirewall Analytics: An image showing how we show phish click rate by month to see how your organization is improving.

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