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What is a Phishing Simulation?
Phishing Simulations are campaigns in which fake “phishing” emails are created based on typical phishing attempts organizations regularly find themselves facing. They are most commonly delivered as part of a security awareness training program and provide the best results for preparing people for a wide range of cybersecurity threats.
Why should companies use phishing simulations?
Phishing simulations are important because they keep the company informed on two fronts:

1.) Simulations keep the employees informed on phishing threats and help them stay vigilant in spotting threats in their inbox.
2.) Simulations show the company who in their organization has the highest risk of being phished and it shows what types of attacks they are most vulnerable to….or at least they do if the company is using Phishfirewall.

That kind of education and intelligence ensures that companies can very quickly adapt to the way they handle real threats.
What are the benefits of building phishing simulations into my security awareness training program?
Greater than 90% of all cyber breaches start with human error.

Malware, viruses, ransomware, all start with a single careless click on the wrong link. The knowledge gap between knowing what a phishing attack is and actually recognizing one in the moment, remains critical at most companies.

By sending phishing simulations to your employees, they’re better protected when facing the real thing. Within a controlled environment, employees are offered the room for error and experimentation, without the consequences of an actual hack.
How are Phishfirewall's simulations differnt?
1.) Leadership Difference Our CEO Joshua is an ethical hacker, and Our COO is a 30 year CIA veteran. They know from their experience on the other side what is needed!
2.) Easy Integration We easily integrate with any tech stack, and can be ready to use right away.
3.) Automated Training We utilize AI technology to deliver research backed micro learning experiences to your staff based on their specific risk profile. So, you always know your employees are getting the support they need!
4.) Advanced Analytics Our metrics can be viewed at anytime, and are not campaign based. You get constant, Realtime, and holistic view of your company's susceptibility to phishing attacks whenever you need it with our analytics dashboard.
How does billing work?
Our pricing model is based on the number of users you want to add into your system, making it easier to provide a quote through a very quick consultation with our experts. For a full comprehensive breakdown of pricing, you can contact our team by clicking here!
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How do I use my account owner login?
After onboarding, the Account owner will have a meeting with the Phishfirewall team. During this meeting we go over how to use the analytics dashboard and we issue the new account by sending out an introductory email, as well as a temporary password to sign into the customer portal.

You can then access the dashboard at anytime by using the customer portal button in the header on our main website.
Is there a free trial available?
We have an Active Directory Sync tool for sign up that integrates into your existing tech stack and can sync with your existing database. Out of box we can sync with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft thick client, and Google, but we can also add further integrations for any client’s needs.

We also support manually adding users through a CSV. You can login and upload it in our user portal. If your organization is not using Phish Firewall's Active Directory Sync, we will need the following information about your users in a CSV file: Full Name, Email Address, Department, Job Title, Location, Supervisor, Employee ID # or Active Directory Username
(No sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers, please)

Names change on occasion, so we will need unique identifiers that will not change to track and correlate user data.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
How do I use the reporting app?
Every user in the PhishFirewall system will be able to add our reporting application as an extension in their preferred email inbox service. Once installed, they will have a reporting button in their inbox that they can use to report any email they believe to be a phish, either simulated or legitimate, and it will be sent to our systems so that we can either automatically deliver education and kudos for the user, and alert your IT team to a phishing threat.
How do I submit a support ticket?
A full fledged support ticket system is on the way for our customer portal, but for the meantime you can send any support requests directly to our support team at support@phishfirewall.com

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