Phishing Simulations: The Key to Effective Security Awareness Training

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. Phishing simulations play a crucial role in equipping employees with the skills needed to recognize and prevent phishing attacks.

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Anna showing Phishfirewall's Fully-Autonomous Phishing Simulations

What Are Phishing Simulations?

Phishing simulations are controlled, simulated phishing attacks that mimic real-life scenarios. These simulations help employees understand how phishing attacks work and learn to identify the telltale signs of a phishing email.

Our service delivers fully automated, real-world phishing simulations for each user, based on their role, behavior, and risk profile.
Our AI coach, Lora, provides personalized follow-up training for each user based on the specific phishing simulation.
Our AI scheduling automates training, phishing, and follow-up content, saving you time and effort.
Jan showing Phishfirewall's AI Powered Phishing Simulations

The Benefits of Phishing Simulations in Security Awareness Training

Implementing phishing simulations as part of your organization's security awareness training offers numerous benefits:

Improved Phishing Detection: Employees become better equipped to recognize and report phishing attempts, reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.
Enhanced Security Culture: Regular phishing simulations foster a culture of security awareness, where employees are proactive in safeguarding company data.
Customized Learning: AI-driven phishing simulations can be tailored to address specific vulnerabilities, helping organizations focus on their most pressing security concerns.
Alicia thinking about Phishfirewall's phishing simulations.

Psychology-Based Training

At Phishfirewall, we understand that effective security awareness training isn't just about teaching users what to do - it's about changing their behavior. That's why we use psychology-based training techniques to design more effective training that truly resonates with users.

Our phishing simulations are designed to engage users emotionally and intellectually, so that they are more likely to apply what they've learned.
Our phishing simulations are designed to address the root causes of risky behavior, such as complacency, cognitive biases, and poor decision-making.
Our just-in-time training delivers targeted content after a user interacts with a phishing email, promoting lasting behavior change through timely learning.
Jerry showing how impactful Phishfirewall's Psych driven Phishing is!

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The Importance of Follow-Up Emails

At Phishfirewall, we believe that effective security awareness training doesn't end with a simulation - it's an ongoing process. That's why we use follow-up emails to provide training and support to users after a simulation, helping to reinforce key concepts and skills.

Our follow-up emails provide Specific feedback to each user, highlighting areas where they can improve based on their behavior.
Our follow-up emails are timed strategically, so that users receive training content when they are primed to be highly receptive.
Our follow-up emails are delivered within the flow of work to maximize learning retention.
Adam showing the effectiveness of Phishfirewall's Follow up Emails


We understand that security awareness training can be intimidating, which is why we use gamification to make it more engaging and fun. By turning training into a game, we create a positive and rewarding experience that motivates users to learn and apply what they've learned.

Our AI LORA's approach of providing friendly challenges makes learning fun and engaging.
Our micro-learning approach delivers short, easy-to-remember lessons for maximum retention.
Our just-in-time training delivers targeted content after a user interacts with a phishing email. To maximize learning outcomes.
Daren Showing Phishfirewall's Gamified Phishing Simulations.

Role-Based Phishing

Spear phishing attacks are some of the most dangerous and difficult to defend against. That's why we use role-based phishing to simulate highly targeted attacks that are customized to each user's specific job role and responsibilities.

Our role-based phishing simulations are designed to mimic real-world spear phishing attacks, so that users are better prepared to recognize and respond to them.
Our simulations are customized to each user's specific job role and responsibilities, making them more relevant and impactful.
Our follow-up emails are delivered within the flow of work to maximize learning retention.
Adam and Alicia Showing the personalization available with Phishfirewall's Role Based Phishing Simulations.

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