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PhishFirewall Leverages AI, and psychology to empower your staff with the knowledge they need to become security pros.
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In a constantly evolving digital landscape, PhishFirewall is your steadfast ally. We leverage advanced AI built on the NoLMS framework to offer a fully autonomous, end-to-end solution to strengthen your cybersecurity defense. From personalized phishing simulations to bespoke micro-training modules, all culminating in an in-depth reporting dashboard, our comprehensive approach empowers your organization to stay steps ahead of cyber threats. With PhishFirewall, you can sit back and let our AI Lora do the work, enabling you to focus on what you do best – your business.

PhishFirewall's NoLMS Approach: Amplifying Cybersecurity Training Efficiency

At PhishFirewall, we leverage the power of No Learning Management System (NoLMS), an AI-driven, psychology-based approach that revolutionizes digital learning. Our platform offers dynamic, personalized content that corresponds to an individual's unique learning path. We focus on micro-training sessions, aligning each module to an individual's role, ensuring relevancy, and elevating engagement.

Revolutionizing Learning with NoLMS: PhishFirewall's NoLMS approach tailors each learning experience, dynamically adapting to an individual's progress and needs. This personalization significantly reduces phishing susceptibility, evidenced by our unprecedented sub-1% click rate.
Micro-Training Approach: Our brief, highly-focused micro-training sessions employ 60-second or less videos, transforming cybersecurity education into a concise and enjoyable experience. This approach aids quick assimilation and reinforces knowledge retention.
Psychology-Informed Learning: By understanding various cognitive biases, our training capitalizes on psychological insights, making it more effective. This context-aware, cognitive bias-informed approach helps in crafting role-specific, personalized training content that resonates with the learner, keeping their attention and making every module feel personally relevant.
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Our clients are able to achieve sub 1% phish click rates in 6 months.
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Chart Showing Phishfirewall Competitor's  generating 5%  Phish click rate being 4% higher than PhishFirewall

The Benefits of Implementing PhishFirewall's AI-driven Security Awareness Training

Choosing Phishfirewall for your organization's security awareness training offers numerous benefits:

Increased Employee Engagement: Our psychology-driven approach and micro-learning experiences keep employees engaged and focused on essential cybersecurity concepts.
Reduced Phishing Vulnerabilities: Our advanced phishing simulations train employees to identify phishing attempts, resulting in fewer successful attacks.
Improved Cybersecurity Culture: Our tailored, role-specific content fosters a proactive security culture across the entire organization.
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“ The platform helped me quantitatively demonstrate the organization’s security awareness posture on a continuous basis.”

Information Security Officer, eLearning service provider

“We had benchmarks of 25% click-through rate on phishing tests internally with our users that are now below 1% after roughly a year of use with PhishFirewall.”

CISO, Warehouse services
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