vital_signs  Baseline Assessment
Lora your AI Cyber Coach starts off by assessing each user's phishing susceptibility, to establish a baseline phish click rate.
phishing  Challenge Your Staff
Lora then challenges your team's to catch her phishing simulations. She sends varied simulated attacks to gauge individual susceptibilities.
school  Educate Employees
Lora tailors education for staff based on their knowledge gaps and compliance needs. She sends 1-3 emails weekly videos and quizzes, plus additional guidance on phishing simulations.
chart_data  View the Outcomes
Detailed reports by department, location, and user. Use our graphs and charts for presentations. Monthly updates sent directly to admins.

The PhishFirewall Approach

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Compliance And Training Programs

With advancements in AI creating a greater security threat regulators across many industries are now requiring require role specific security awareness training for certain employees. With PhishFirewall we have you covered. below you can find our most commonly used security awareness and compliance driven programs.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Cognitive Biases


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Our clients are able to achieve sub 1% phish click rates in 6 months.
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PhishFirewall's Results

Chart Showing PhishFirewall generating less than 1% Phish click rate


Our Competitors

Chart Showing Phishfirewall Competitor's  generating 5%  Phish click rate being 4% higher than PhishFirewall

PhishFirewall Enterprise Features:

Precision_Manufacturing  Fully Autonomous
Lora handles everything from spear phishing to meeting compliance requirements. No more configuring and fine tuning campaigns, it's all done autonomously.
Cognition  Psychology Focused
Lora was designed with Psychology in mind. We keep all content at 60 seconds or less, to minimize the mental drain, and approach learning as addressing each individuals knowledge gaps.
Trending_Down  Human Risk
PhishFirewall Enterpise is designed to help large companies make data driven decisions based on their human risk. We help you prioritize the departments and locations with greater risk.
 Phish Report Button
Lora aims to continuously cultivate a culture of security. By empowering your staff with the knowledge and tools to report and remove malicious emails before they cause harm. Allowing you to identify, and respond to threats as they happen.
Phishing  Real world Phishing
Lora your AI cyber coach is continuously fed new neutralized real world phishing simulations, that rely on a variety of techniques, from spoofed domains to simulated malicious attachments. Categorized via cognitive biases.
database  Multi-Tenant Support
Our platform offers multi-tenant support, effortlessly connecting multiple Azure or Google Workspace tenants. Perfect for large organizations aiming for centralized management and streamlined operations across diverse environments.
cloud_sync  Sync Once
Seamlessly integrate your team with our platform!  We support Google Workspace, Azure, and more ensuring a flawless sync of all your employees. Dive into a streamlined experience today!
translate  30+ languages
Lora sends can send all content in English, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, and more. Enabling you to seamlessly deploy across your organization for a globally unified training experience.
cases  Role Based Phishing
Experience role-specific phishing defense! Each simulation is crafted for job functions, bolstering targeted defenses.  Lora, will automatically deploy neutralized phishing emails modeled on real threats to similar roles.
cloud_sync  Role Based Training
Experience role-specific phishing defense! Each simulation is crafted for job functions, bolstering targeted defenses.  Lora, will automatically deploy neutralized phishing emails modeled on real threats to similar roles.
Assured_Workload  Automated Compliance
Lora fully automates compliance. She sends out weekly emails to users with a link to a personalized compliance training page with all uncompleted mandatory training, and will provide you all of the information you need to create reports.
Stylus  Spear Phishing
All you need to do is, give Lora your companies logo & email signature, and Lora can start sending your employees sophisticated spear phishing attacks that, can help your organization be ready for even the most sophisticated types of phishing attacks.  
Neurology  Cognitive Bias
Lora has a whole series on cognitive biases that are commonly used in phishing attacks. She even sends out phishing emails specifically targeting them, and trains your users on every common cognitive bias to whittle away at your human risk.
Mood  Positive Approach
Lora is designed to always keep employees motivated and engaged by only using positive feedback. That helps Lora build trust, and create a healthy learning environment!
Groups  Group Management
In our admin portal you can easily group your users, for languages, compliance requirements, roles, and more. That way you can have a more granular control over who gets what.