The Future of Learning: NoLMS with PhishFirewall

In the digital age, learning has been transformed. At PhishFirewall, we've adopted a No Learning Management System (NoLMS) approach, harnessing AI technology for highly effective and personalized cybersecurity training.

A breakthrough in AI-powered education
Maximizing learning outcomes with personalization
Gamification for engaging training experience
A photo showing how AI and Psychology work together.

Meet Lora: Your AI Cyber Coach For NoLMS

PhishFirewall Utalizes Lora, your AI-powered cyber coach, who personalizes your training and guides you throughout your cybersecurity learning journey.

Lora: friendly, knowledgeable, and human
Personalizes training for maximized learning outcomes
Continuous guidance throughout your cybersecurity journey
Phishfirewall's AI Cyber Coach Lora In Red

The NoLMS Training Cycle

Lora Adjust training frequency, balancing the frequency to meet individual learning needs and compliance requirements.

Consistent delivery of 60-second, single-topic training modules
Lora adapts  training frequency to maximize learning outcomes
Compliance-driven goal to ensure you're meeting your goals
Adam showing the effectiveness of Phishfirewall's Follow up Emails

NoLMS Approach to Phishing Simulations

Lora acts as an ethical hacker, sending out regular simulated phishing emails to measure and address your susceptibility.

Multi-dimensional phishing email simulations
Development of a comprehensive profile of each user's susceptibility
Strategic interventions to address identified weaknesses
Daren Showing Phishfirewall's Gamified Phishing Simulations.

Dynamic Personalized Content the NoLMS Way

Each training module is designed with dynamic, personalized content, curated by Lora to suit individual learners and maximize learning outcomes.

Personalized text summaries, tips, videos, and quizzes for each module
AI-driven fully autonomous personalization process
Significant improvement in learning outcomes
A woman enjoying her PhishFirewall Training

Compliance and Reporting Automatically with NoLMS

Lora ensures compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI, and CMMC and promptly alerts management if a user falls behind on compliance goals.

Compliance with crucial industry regulations
Prompt alerts to management about compliance issues
Detailed reporting of user progress and compliance status
Jerry Showing Off All the compliance training he gets.

Compliance and Reporting Automatically with NoLMS

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides an overview of each individual user, department, location, job role, and other organizational units.

Detailed compliance reports
Overview of high-risk and low-risk users
Track organizational progress over time
Jan Showing off Phishfirewall's Powerful Analytics platform.