By de-weapoizing real world Phish, and using them to condition users, your employees are 70% less likely to click on malicious phishing attempts.
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The most effective way to change employee behavior and reduce human risk is to combine personalized & positive behaviorally-based cybersecurity learning experiences with frequent phishing simulations that mirror realistic socially engineered attacks.

That’s why Phishfirewall has made human-centered and realistic phishing simulations a key element of our cyber-security education platform. It’s far better to learn from mistakes made in simulations than on the real thing. To be effective, any serious security awareness training program must test employees against the many and ever-evolving forms of phishing and spearphishing attacks, and we do this better and faster than anyone else.

Fully Automated & Personalized Phish Simulations

Automatic, intelligent phishing simulations with just-in-time training save you time, reduce incidence rates and drive behavioral change.
  • Reduce IT workloads and increase workforce productivity with automated, always-on and continuous AI-driven simulations
  • Automatically builds, trains and develops unique training experience for each user based on individual profiles, knowledge, and behaviors
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Simulation scenarios based on real world threats and current events.

Bring cybersecurity to life for your workforce with our extensive content database based on an AI model that combines behavioral science, education psychology, and a hacker’s social engineering perspective.

  • Simulations are designed to mimic real-world attacks without the danger
  • Extensive phishing scenario buckets continuously updated based on current real world threats

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Instant Feedback and Training

AI-driven platform selects customized phishing simulation scenarios, training, and frequencies to each user based on their behavioral susceptibility to various threats, their work location, and their job role.
  • Employees receive immediate feedback with in-the-moment training and positive reinforcement.
  • Individual training is based on success or failure during phish simulations. Users are rewarded with fewer trainings for successful behaviors, and positive, in-the-moment micro-trainings to reinforce learning for those who need a little more conditioning.
  • Each month all users are assigned a threat ranking based on their performance over the previous 30 days that management can track to watch the systems progress.
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