Role-Based Training

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Lora delivers targeted micro-learning experiences straight to your staff's inbox based on their roles and individual risk profiles.
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Role Based Training

Empower your employees with tailor-made training specific to their job duties! Only available with Phishfirewall's Enterprise plan. Check examples bellow!

Security awareness training tailored to the specific concerns of the C-Suite helps executives understand the potential impact of cyber attacks by focusing on the specific areas requiring their attention, empowering them to devise and implement strategies that make a difference.
Security awareness training tailored for Finance and Accounting professionals helps them understand the specific risks inherent in handling sensitive financial and accounting data and giving them the context to ensure they adhere to your organization’s security policies.
IT-focused security awareness training empowers your IT teams by keeping them up-to-date on the Mitre Attack Framework and other technical aspects of the cyber threat detailing the tricks hackers use to gain access to your systems and networks. They will learn about security from the hacker’s perspective to ensure they stay abreast of best practices to recognize and mitigate these threats.
Dev-focused security awareness training empowers your dev teams by providing a full catalog of content specifically covering the OWASP Top Ten list of the most critical security threats that developers need to know!