Role-Based Phishing

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Rethink the way you approach phishing defense with PhishFirewall's role-based phishing simulations. Designed to mirror real-life scenarios, our simulations target specific roles within your organization, making training relevant and impactful.
Adam and Alicia Showing the personalization available with Phishfirewall's Role Based Phishing Simulations.

How Do Our Role-Based Phishing Simulations Work?

Once integrated with your Microsoft Azure or Google account, PhishFirewall allows you to assign specific roles to your users. Our system then deploys phishing simulations that are tailored to these roles, providing your team with relevant and challenging scenarios. Our approach is unique in its:

Automatic & Continuous: PhishFirewall's simulations run automatically and continuously, without the need for manual input or scheduling. This ensures your team is consistently tested and trained, keeping their skills sharp and your organization's defense robust.
Individual Susceptibility: Our system intelligently identifies each user's susceptibility to different types of phishing attacks. This allows us to provide a truly personalized experience, targeting each user's specific weaknesses and improving their overall resilience.
Follow-up Training: PhishFirewall goes beyond simulations. We provide immediate feedback and tailored follow-up training based on each simulation's results. This comprehensive approach to training reinforces learning and promotes meaningful behavioral change.
Jan showing Phishfirewall's AI Powered Phishing Simulations

Why Choose Role-Based Phishing Simulations?

Generic phishing simulations often fail to reflect the unique threats faced by different roles within an organization. With role-based simulations, PhishFirewall brings relevance, realism, and impact to your cybersecurity training. Here's why our approach stands out:

Tailored Threats: Different roles within an organization face unique cybersecurity threats. Our role-based simulations reflect these specifics, providing a more accurate and challenging training experience.
Increased Engagement: By making the simulations relevant to each user's role, we increase engagement and retention. Users are more likely to pay attention when the scenario reflects their daily work reality.
Improved Defense: Role-based simulations improve your organization's overall phishing defense by strengthening the weakest links. By training each team member based on their role, we ensure a comprehensive defense that leaves no gaps.
Jan Showing off Phishfirewall's Powerful Analytics platform.

The PhishFirewall Advantage: Role-Based Simulations Done Right

At PhishFirewall, we're not just another cybersecurity solution. We're the only provider of role-based phishing simulations, making us a unique partner in your organization's security. Here's why you should choose us:

Exclusive Role-Based Approach: We're pioneers in offering role-based phishing simulations. This exclusive feature allows us to provide a level of personalization and relevance unmatched in the industry.
Continuous Improvement: Our system is designed for continuous learning and improvement. From automatic and continuous simulations to follow-up training based on individual susceptibility, we're committed to strengthening your defense over time.
Comprehensive Analytics: Our service is backed by detailed analytics, giving you insights into your team's performance and progress. With this data-driven approach, you can identify vulnerabilities, monitor improvements, and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.
Daren Showing Phishfirewall's Gamified Phishing Simulations.